Sunglass Pictures- do’s and don’ts

And why should you care about it?

Unfortunately or fortunately, when it comes to online dating, pictures are your best face forward. And putting excessive pictures in sunglasses means you either lack confidence or are not comfortable being yourself. Not to forget, have you also noticed how every girl looks drop dead gorgeous and every man handsome as ever in a sunglass? While ekCoffee would generally encourage you to stay away from any “sunglass moment”, there are definitely some do’s and don’ts.


1. All your pictures are with sunglasses- BIG NO! Why? It puts up an impression that you aren’t confident about your looks & personality. And you want to be liked and dated for who you are as a person and not for who you aren’t.

2. Stay away from any of these. Why? They look pretentious and ostentatious. They come across as pictures that scamy/fake profiles could have and not something real people with real personalities can have.

g2 (1) pic1

3. Duck faced sunglass selfie – nope! Why? They make you look shallow, doltish and sort of immature.


4. Dark sunglass selfie- nope! Why? One can hardly make out who this is. Save the better ski pictures for another time.


5. Group sunglass selfie- nope! Why? How would your date even make out which one is you? Also, dating is about you, and you definitely don’t want people to play guessing game.



1. Sporting your personality whilst wearing glasses- umm, may be yes, if you just don’t have a glass-less moment.

Caveat– if you just can’t help it, well any picture that shows off the kind of sports you like (swimming, horse-riding, white water rafting), or brings out your passions (traveling, summer grilling, beach, beach volleyball), or the best of your personality (a full bodied picture with your fav dress, or next to a historical monument) are okay. Again, make sure you have a decent mix of pics with and without sunglasses.

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What is your number?

I mean the number of dating apps on your phone.

Last night I counted eight on my phone. Eight! It’s not even that I use all of them. Half of them are in the downloaded-and-used-once deadpool. The situation fit perfectly with Apple’s marketing slogan from years past ‘There’s an app for that’. And despite having a vast array of choices (or perhaps because of it), meeting someone interesting has actually been a challenge. Too many choices, too little time.


I can’t vividly recollect how I ended up downloading them all or even having an account on these many dating sites. No matter. The first step in solving a problem is identifying it. This morning I nuked half of those apps. And then there were three.

Swipe right? Not anytime soon.

Are you inundated by too many choices too?

The non-dating site

There is a lot to be said about the Indian marriage and dating scene. There are/were some good things about the traditional arranged way and then some, that are not so much. You may debate it to no end, but the truth remains that there is an increasingly smaller number of urban-dwelling 20- and 30-somethings who relate to it.

The problem with most Indian ‘dating/relationship/matrimonial’ platforms is that they are either twenty-five years behind society or a cesspool of casual lurkers. Finding someone on them has to be one of the most frustrating experiences. If you’ve ever experienced it, you’ll know that sitting through a boring, two-hour meeting is far less painful!

We know this because we experience it day in, day out.

ekCoffee is not an online dating platform. It is not a matchmaking service either. Sure, we facilitate these but that is not why we exist. If your friends and relatives who have known you a lot longer have a hard time finding the right “match” for you, a dating site is at best, a shot in the dark! We firmly believe that you are the best judge of the right life partner for you. The problem isn’t matchmaking. Certainly no algorithm or feature can predict or mimic the chemistry and compatibility between two people in real life.

What the urban single need are more opportunities to meet an interesting and like-minded individual.

There was a time when factors such as horoscope, skin color, caste, and sub-caste mattered for Indians. They acted as an insurance policy for arranged marriages. Life was different then. People in their 20s and 30s are now well-traveled, well-read, well-informed, and more importantly, self-aware. Life interests, hobbies, personality, and education have become a better indicator if you will hit it off and get along with someone than antiquated measures that worked decades ago.

ekCoffee is a service that does one thing — introduce you to people you actually have a higher possibility of liking. We do this through the online service we’ve built and interesting events happening in your city.

How you say?

For starters, we get to know your personality better. We get to know your interests, the things you like to do, and the things you don’t. We mish-mash all of these to show you others who have some of these things in common with you. But here’s the part we think you might like – based on your interests, we suggest events in your city where you are likely to meet similar-minded people, including other ekCoffee members.

To us, if we are able to help you meet someone interesting, it is less important if it happens on our site or at a food festival in your city.

Single and ready to meet some interesting people? Sign up and see if it works for you!

Self Description: The Don’ts

Each of us is unique. That is what we are told. That is what we believe. Not so in the online world. Having spent time sifting through profile after profile that tell you the same thing (if they tell you anything at all), often using the same clichés (and you are glad there are no spelling errors), you begin to wonder if this is a myth, this thing about being unique, a mom-manufactured confidence-booster to make you feel good about yourself. And you know all too well how biased moms can be. But then every once in a while (read 2+ hours of profile-scanning), you come across one that is refreshingly different, one might say even unique. A faith is restored, a connection is made.

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Preface – What are we trying to do at ekCoffee?

As another year-end rolled around, something unfamiliar, but interesting, started happening. As many of our friends started getting hitched one after the other (like a falling pack of cards!), many others found themselves coming to terms with their resistance thus far to dive into the murky waters of the great Indian arranged marriage system. Obviously, the said friends hadn’t managed to snag and convince a willing bakra/bakri to enter into holy matrimony with them. This also led us to realize that since the time all of us left college, the opportunities to meet single people were fairly limited, outside of our workplaces and friend circle.

As the mid to late 20s dawn, we are left to grapple with the dreaded onslaught (or lack thereof) of rishteys and eligible boys and girls our well-meaning parents bring to us. For the brave and independent ones who want more choice, the matrimonial sites are all that is left. Is that the best there is? The best there could be?
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